World Class
EPCI Provider

As a leading icon in the oil and gas sector, OSP uses advanced products and services to offer solution to EPCI Projects.

We search out the requirements of a client, then design solutions that are not only of the highest standards, but are cost effective, safe and are the best in terms of quality. Furthermore, we are always on the lookout for the most tenacious, friendly, empathetic, loyal, cooperative, self-motivated and autonomous experts to add to our well of expertise, to ensure that the best talents are always with us!

Exceptional Service

We are reputed for our exceptional service and ability to work on schedule.

Industry Specialist

We possess a pool of specialists assigned to each team.


Achieving quality without compromising safety.


Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority” and we firmly believe in it.

Our Services



OSP offers full range of engineeringservices from Conceptual Analysis, FEED, DED...



OSP offers end-to-end procurement solutions ranging from strategic material sourcing...



OSP’s strong construction capabilities is established through our commitment to safety and quality...



OSP installation capabilities ranges from Onshore to offshore and Subsea Segments...